Hi there! If you’ve been wondering how to easily Create a Spiral in Adobe Illustrator then this tutorial is for you! I have created a video tutorial (posted below), but I will also verbally walk you through the process!

Begin by opening Adobe Illustrator and clicking “New File” to open a new artboard.

From there, you will select the “Line Segment Tool (\)” and create a horizontal or vertical line.

  • Once you’ve created your line, click the “Selection Tool (V)” and click on your line
  • With your line being highlighted, go to the “Effects” tab at the top left of your screen and go to the folder called, “Distort & Transform
  • In “Distort & Transform“, select the effect called “Zig Zag
  • From there, adjust and edit the properties, such as size and ridges per segment, to your liking (I chose to have smooth lines)
  • After you have finished editing with the “Zig Zag” effect, select the line until it is highlighted then return back to the “Distort & Transform” folder under the “Effects” tab and select the effect called, “Transform
  • In the “Transform” tab, increase the number of copies to your liking and adjust the angle until you’re satisfied.

Then you’re done! You’ve successfully created a spiral in Adobe Illustrator!

Here is the visual tutorial for this process! ❤️

Adobe Illustrator Spiral Tutorial

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