Hi there! If you’ve been wondering how to easily make a Gradient Background in Adobe Illustrator then this tutorial is for you! I have created a video tutorial (posted below), but I will also verbally walk you through the process!

Begin by opening Adobe Illustrator and clicking “New File” to open a new artboard.

From there, you will select the “Rectangle Tool (M)” and have the rectangle cover the entire artboard.

  • Once the rectangle has covered the entire artboard, go to the “Gradient Tool (G)” in the toolbar.
    • An alternative way is by going to the “Fill” icon under the Properties Panel and selecting a gradient from the default “Swatches” (‘Sky’ is a common gradient swatch).
  • Once you have the gradient panel opened, select “Freeform Gradient” under Type
  • After that, you can double-click on each circle to change its color to whatever you desire.
    • If you click and hold on the circles, you can change the location of where its placement is
    • If you have the gradient tool selected, you are able to add more circles by clicking on any area within the rectangle

Then you’re done! You’ve successfully created a Gradient Background in Adobe Illustrator!

Here is the visual tutorial for this process! ❤️

Gradient Background Tutorial

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